C'est Bien Signature Dishes

Crispy shrimp stuff pancake Served with sweet & sour sauce

Clear noodle and steamed seafood mixed with onion, hot pepper,…

Stirred fried seafood in curry sauce

Green bean, jalapeno, onion, and sweet basil

White onion, egg, scallion with real crab meat

Duck in coconut curry, tomato, pineapple, bell pepper, green bean,…

Egg noodle in tasty coconut curry sprinkled with shallot and…

Stirred fried green bean in homemade prik khing sauce

Thai grilled steak served with Thai spicy sauce

Crispy catfish, bell pepper, pineapple, white onion in sweet &…

Grilled salmon in panang curry sauce

Crispy salmon topped with garlic sauce

Creamy Tomyum egg noodle soup with seafood mixed and egg

Grilled marinated pork with spicy homemade sauce

Green bean, jalapeno and basil